Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Comical Brothers

yesterday, me and my friends went to the National Gallery for 'the comical brothers' exhibition
opened to the public till March 30 2010
read more!

It's No Fair (2009) by Nanno Warsono

Sejarah Pipi Menjadi Leher (2010) by Sri Maryanto

Super Ndobos (2010) by Surya Wirawan

The Mampanggung (2010) by Fransisco Panca

The Stentorian Voice (2010) by Popok Triwahyudi

The Roots of Radical (2001) by Sapto Rahardjo 'Athonk'

Parade TV (2010) by Anto Motulz

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello again!
this time i wanna show you some head accessories from Forever 21
i bought them at forever 21 in grand Indonesia
for more.. rings,bracelets,clothes,scarves,etc. please visit

Sunday, March 14, 2010

from Bandung with love,Purezento

another original creation from Indonesia ☺ ... Purezento!
I bought this in various malls, FX,Summarecon Mall Serpong..
other than the goods I bought this, there are more kinds of Purezento stuff
for more please visit

another (belated) birthday present part.II

it's 14 March but Dita and Ryan still give me a present!


kawaii !

i really really like it
thank you so so much,pal!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Emoticon Sign Keychains

cute and cheap! only Rp 10.000,-
i bought this at Cibubur Junction! hihi

Angry! |(\ . /)| , Sleppy! ZZZ , Happy! (^o^)

Emotion Rp. 10.000

Emoticon Sign Keychains feat. Brussel Monster Bag

see ya!

Circus Bird from Indonesia

Original stuff from Indonesia
super adorable accessories from Amithevintagist
actually, I bought 4 items. the other one is head accessories
but it doesn't fit for my super large head ☹
and finally i broke it

Woody Wally Series

The Circus

Happy BIRD-day

woohoo Amithevintagist!
woohoo Indonesia!

Monday, March 8, 2010

another (belated) birthday present

last night i wish for a mini Kimmidoll
and this afternoon my friend came to my house
she bought me a birthday present
she said "sorry late .."
ahhh no problem! :)
and when I opened it, it's mini Kimmidoll!
thank you God :')
and also thank to Chicca

this is one of her shot :)

" Happy Birthday,chel
I give you a Kimmidoll and a book stripe.
In Kimmidoll there is a character. It may match with your own character.
I give you a poem too and I wrote it into a book stripe.
Hope you will like it..
Chicca N.T "

" Dear besties,
you always beside me.
I hope we are best friends.
But I can't be the best to you. I'm just a little friend who wants to give her best to you.
You always give you best for me, but I'm not possible to reply it.
Maybe I can't fulfill your wishes.
Sometime I don't understand your feeling.
Maybe everytime I'm hurting your heart.
But i hope our friendship will be alive forever until the end of life.
Then I just wanna give my regard to my best friend...
Happy Belated Birthday,
my dearest Friend "

her name is Tama which means 'Jewel'

My spirit is precious and rare.
By valuing the precious
qualities you possess, the
beauty and wealth of my
spirit is revealed. Treasure
your uniqueness - let the
world see the rare and
beautiful jewel you are.

once again, thank you so much Chicca ☺

hungry makers-pin

seriously,these pins make me hungry!
but they are too cute to eat
i bought these at Stroberi PIM and.. it's very cheap!
only Rp 2.000,- per pack

Miss Lulu counter now available @ Jabotabek Shopping,Fashion Hub-MKG 3!

sorry fellas i can't find the website :(
but you it available at Jabotabek Shopping MKG 3
see you there ☺

i love the details