Monday, March 8, 2010

another (belated) birthday present

last night i wish for a mini Kimmidoll
and this afternoon my friend came to my house
she bought me a birthday present
she said "sorry late .."
ahhh no problem! :)
and when I opened it, it's mini Kimmidoll!
thank you God :')
and also thank to Chicca

this is one of her shot :)

" Happy Birthday,chel
I give you a Kimmidoll and a book stripe.
In Kimmidoll there is a character. It may match with your own character.
I give you a poem too and I wrote it into a book stripe.
Hope you will like it..
Chicca N.T "

" Dear besties,
you always beside me.
I hope we are best friends.
But I can't be the best to you. I'm just a little friend who wants to give her best to you.
You always give you best for me, but I'm not possible to reply it.
Maybe I can't fulfill your wishes.
Sometime I don't understand your feeling.
Maybe everytime I'm hurting your heart.
But i hope our friendship will be alive forever until the end of life.
Then I just wanna give my regard to my best friend...
Happy Belated Birthday,
my dearest Friend "

her name is Tama which means 'Jewel'

My spirit is precious and rare.
By valuing the precious
qualities you possess, the
beauty and wealth of my
spirit is revealed. Treasure
your uniqueness - let the
world see the rare and
beautiful jewel you are.

once again, thank you so much Chicca ☺


  1. kyaa~ i like it chel.. arigatou nee~

  2. hehehe sama2! (anggap aja gue ngomong dalam bahasa jepang hahaha)